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Resolutions in Bits and Pieces: Two Ways of Getting Shit Done

Trigger Warning: This is a post about things going well and a meditation on how I contributed to things going well. It might help you in your own endeavours. However, if you are not  currently doing well and feel reading about someone … Continue reading

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Time, where did you go? (Making sure you’re spending your time right & the weirdest New Year’s Resolution ever)

[What follows is an account of what I’ve been up to since I last graced the interwebs with my presence. If you are only interested in what I’ve learned about being happy with the way one spends one’s time (and … Continue reading

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May the real impostor please stand up?

A couple of days ago the statistically inevitable happened. Things went wrong (they have to do that sometimes). I cannot go into details at the moment but those who know me, or read the penultimate post, know what that means. … Continue reading

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