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No, you should NOT be writing right now. Writing guilt is the eating disorder of academia.

Quick question: What should you be doing right now? Your answer is “God, I should really be writing!”? Congratulations. You’re an academic. As @AcademicsSay eloquently sums up time management in academia: But here’s the truth: You should probably NOT be writing … Continue reading

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Leaving the Mousetrap – Loving the Thesis

In an experiment done by psychologists at the University of Maryland and published in 2001, a group of students were asked to play a simple game where they had to solve a maze puzzle. […] Two groups of students were asked … Continue reading

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Gadgets and Doodads: or how I joined the proletariat and made a carrot my taskmaster

This week I took (and presumably failed) an Italian exam in which one of the tasks was to describe my relationship with technology. Thankfully my abysmal knowledge of the Italian language did not allow me to actually expose the full … Continue reading

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Know thyself. Question thyself.

Know thyself – the game-show Admittedly, “Know thyself” is not the most innovative advice. What it lacks in innovation, however, it makes up for in usefulness, apparent simplicity, and real difficulty. I have made up this game show where contestants … Continue reading

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