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Resolutions in Bits and Pieces: Two Ways of Getting Shit Done

Trigger Warning: This is a post about things going well and a meditation on how I contributed to things going well. It might help you in your own endeavours. However, if you are not  currently doing well and feel reading about someone … Continue reading

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Command S – A Haiku

Dumb girl in the spring, Likes to write on a MacBook. Save your file, moron! If you replace the words “f-ing around with yakuza” with the words “not saving your document for two days” and Uma Thurman with my mean machine, … Continue reading

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While you were busy making other plans – Part 2

[This is the second part of a two-part post. The first part is a list of 10 things that go wrong when you write a thesis. The second part looks at ways of dealing when things go wrong] First things first: I lied. … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Dphil or “Do you really work only 15 hours a week?”

Last Tuesday I attended a humanities training course with the catchy title “Introduction to the DPhil”. The class began with discussing some of the usual suspects (What is the DPhil and why do we do it?) but we soon reached … Continue reading

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Time, where did you go? (Making sure you’re spending your time right & the weirdest New Year’s Resolution ever)

[What follows is an account of what I’ve been up to since I last graced the interwebs with my presence. If you are only interested in what I’ve learned about being happy with the way one spends one’s time (and … Continue reading

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A simple trick to finally write your thesis, novel, or political manifesto for world domination

The scariest thing in the world is a blank page. That’s not actually true, off the top of my head, I find child soldiers and bone cancer to be much, much scarier. But it’s one of those things people who … Continue reading

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my ass is on the (out)line

For someone who really loves planning, I have a curious disability: I can’t outline. Sure, I generally know what I am going to argue (in my MSt dissertation I will argue that literature is not a secular concept but perpetually … Continue reading

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