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Resolutions in Bits and Pieces: Two Ways of Getting Shit Done

Trigger Warning: This is a post about things going well and a meditation on how I contributed to things going well. It might help you in your own endeavours. However, if you are not  currently doing well and feel reading about someone … Continue reading

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What is an argument and how do you make it?

As a lazy person, I don’t like answering the same questions in every class I teach. And while there are great introductions to academic writing, it is really hard to convince students to read books on writing, when they are busy … Continue reading

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No, you should NOT be writing right now. Writing guilt is the eating disorder of academia.

Quick question: What should you be doing right now? Your answer is “God, I should really be writing!”? Congratulations. You’re an academic. As @AcademicsSay eloquently sums up time management in academia: But here’s the truth: You should probably NOT be writing … Continue reading

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Command S – A Haiku

Dumb girl in the spring, Likes to write on a MacBook. Save your file, moron! If you replace the words “f-ing around with yakuza” with the words “not saving your document for two days” and Uma Thurman with my mean machine, … Continue reading

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Failing at Publication Part 1 – finding the right journal in the humanities

[What follows is a somewhat lengthy narrative of the trials and tribulations that lead me to finding a suitable journal. If you are only interested in the bare facts of what I have learned about finding a suitable journal, go … Continue reading

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A simple trick to finally write your thesis, novel, or political manifesto for world domination

The scariest thing in the world is a blank page. That’s not actually true, off the top of my head, I find child soldiers and bone cancer to be much, much scarier. But it’s one of those things people who … Continue reading

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